Decorative Finished Floors

Decorative Finished Floors

These are a new technology of Cementitious self-leveling toppings that are designed to be installed over existing Gypsum Concrete underlayments or concrete. Originally, these products entered the market as a concrete resurfacing product, but soon were being installed over Gypsum Concrete as the popularity of concrete floors increased in residential applications.

One of biggest drawbacks to installing concrete over wood framed construction is the added cost of structural reinforcement and engineering associated with 3”-4” thick concrete slab. Even reinforced concrete installed at 3”-4” thick will eventually form large cracks and separate. Installed at only ¼” thick cementitious self-leveling toppings provides the beautiful look of concrete at a fraction of the weight and cracking is reduced significantly because it is installed over a stable Gypsum Concrete underlayment, typically only hairline cracking is observed and will be hidden by the application of finish or wax.

Additional Benefits of Cementitious Toppings:

  • Self-leveling and will provide a much flatter floor than concrete.

  • Can be colored with acid or water based stains. Integral coloring pigments can also be added to produce a solid color.

  • Can be polished and saw cut to mimic the look of tile or terrazzo.

  • Can be waxed or finished with a variety of floor coatings.