Radiant Heat Thermal Mass

Radiant Heat Thermal Mass

Benefits of Gypsum Concrete

Radiant heat floors provide an efficient even heat throughout any room. The most common method of installing radiant heat in wood framed construction is to staple the radiant heat tubing on top of a plywood or OSB subfloor and pour Gypsum Concrete over the tubing at 1-1/2” thick (measured from the subfloor). The pour thickness can be varied to allow for different floor covering thicknesses to be installed flush at transition points. Gypsum Concrete is an excellent thermal mass for radiant heat applications. When compared to traditional Concrete or Lightweight Concrete, Gypsum Concrete will outperform in every category:

  • Gypsum Concrete is manufactured from gypsum, it will not shrink crack or curl like lightweight concrete.

  • Sand aggregate used in Gypsum Concrete is much smaller than traditional concrete, allowing increased surface contact with the radiant heat tubes, which provides a more efficient heat transfer that lightweight concrete.

  • The self-leveling nature of Gypsum Concrete will produce a flatter floor than concrete or lightweight concrete which will have trowel marks and trowel puddles.

  • The uniform density of Gypsum Concrete allows for a more even heat distribution than lightweight concrete (which has insulating properties). See Gypsum Concrete vs. Lightweight Concrete

  • The compressive strength of Gypsum Concrete is greater than lightweight concrete, with strengths up to 10,000 psi.

  • Faster installation and cure time than lightweight concrete.

  • Gypsum Concrete is a GREEN BUILDING MATERIAL.

Additionally, using Gypsum Concrete as a thermal mass will reduce cycling of the boiler, increasing the life span of the radiant system components and overall efficiency of the system. On multi-level homes, Gypsum Concrete will also provide a significant increase in the sound transmission classification (STC) of the upper floors, dramatically decreasing the amount of ambient noise transmission through the floor.

We have over 35-years of successful Gypsum Concrete installations still in use today. The experience, expertise, and craftsmanship that Janes brings to each job ensure that you will have the highest quality Gypsum Concrete floor installed in your home. Please see our FAQ page for additional information or call us to discuss your project 360-794-4343.