Decorative Finish FAQ

Q: How do I get a finished concrete look over gypsum concrete?
A: Install a Cementitious Self-Leveling wear surface over on top of the gypsum concrete subsrate at ¼”-3/8” thick.

Q: What colors are available?
A: There are vast selections of color pigments available that can be added to the mix to integrally color the floor. Additionally, the floor can be stained in a variety of colors.

Q: Does a sealer need to be applied?
A: Yes, the floor must be sealed to prevent stains from spills.

Q: Does it scratch?
A: All materials are prone to scratches and damage from carelessness or accidents. Avoiding sliding anything with sharp points or abrasive properties across the surface will help to protect the surface from scratches.

Q: How do I care for my finished floor?
A: Floors should be treated with the same care as any finished product. We recommend felt pads under chair legs/furniture, and using mild cleansers when cleaning.

Q: Does it crack?
A: Cracks are free… However, when compared to a standard concrete slab, the cracking is significantly reduced by the nature of the product. Gypsum based products do not shrink as they cure and as a result do not crack after placement. Any cracking that does occur will be from building settlement or floor deflection.