Floor Leveling FAQ

Q: What is the thinnest and thickest you can pour?
A: Gypsum Concrete gypsum concrete and cementitious self-leveling underlayments can be installed from featheredge to 4” thick in a single lift, thicknesses greater than 4” may require multiple lifts or the installation of rigid insulation board as a fill material.

Q: How long before I can install flooring goods?
A: This will vary with the thickness of the installation; however a general guideline is 7 days of drying for every ¾” in thickness.

Q: How long does it take to level a basement?
A: Most installations take 3-6 hours.

Q: What floor coverings can be installed over Gypsum Concrete
A: Gypsum Concrete accepts virtually any floor covering on the market today.

Q: Can tile be installed directly to Gypsum Concrete
A: Yes, tile can be installed directly over Gypsum Concrete with thinset, mortar or mastic.

Q: Will water damage Gypsum Concrete?
A: Independent testing has shown that Gypsum Concrete which has been saturated with water and dried completely does not lose any of its compressive strength. Gypsum Concrete is intended for interior use only. Gypsum Concrete can be installed in shower pans provided a water proof membrane is installed over the Gypsum Concrete.

Q: Can mold grow in Gypsum Concrete?
A: No, Gypsum Concrete will not support mold growth of any type.

Q: Does Gypsum Concrete give off VOC or other gasses that may be harmful?
A: No, Gypsum Concrete is a GREEN BUILDING MATERIAL and does not emits VOC’s.

Q: Does Gypsum Concrete need to be covered?
A: A: Yes & No, Gypsum Concrete is considered to be a floor underlayment and must be covered with flooring goods. Standard Gypsum concrete needs to be covered with flooring. High strength gypsum concrete can be used as a wear surface is an appropriate sealer is applied. Additionally, cementitious self-leveling toppings can be installed on top of gypsum concrete to provide a wear surface.

Q: How long before I can walk on the Gypsum Concrete?
A: Depending on the humidity and temperature, Gypsum Concrete can be walked on in 3-4 hours. We ask that you keep other trades off of the Gypsum Concrete for 24 hours.

Q: Do I need to provide heat or fans after the pour?
A: Depending on the season, temporary heat and/or ventilation may be required. We will consult with you before installation to figure out the best method for properly drying your floor.